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  • Emily Ledford

Pick It Up, Put It Down Sandbag Workout

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Doesn't it feel good to pick up heavy stuff and put it down? ROAR!

Did you see the bag workout yesterday, too?! The clouds in the background were AMAZING! I want to get MORE sandbags!

The idea here is to not stop between exercises SO, remember, you need to go light enough! You may rest at the end of each round for 60-90 seconds if you need. Go through 3 times.

Rotational Deadlift 5 EACH DIRECTION

Shoulder Press 10

Front Squat 10

Alternating Front Lunges 10 EACH

Sand bag Throw and Pick up, alternating sides 5 EACH SIDE.

3x through

Let's get it, y'all!

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