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  • Emily Ledford


Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Get it, Mama Bear.. or Papa Bear!

This is my preferred cardio... high intensity-with weights!Conditioning makes you better at, well, everything! ;)

You will perform with 30 seconds of work and then you'll have 30 seconds of rest. Repeat this pattern throughout. If you need to take 2-3 minute rest at the end of each round, that is 100% ok!

My sandbag is 35-40 lbs here. For conditioning/intervals such as this, you don't want to use max weight! Go light enough that you can get through the workout! Fatigue will build fast so you don't want to go so heavy that you compromise form. But you do want to be working hard!

Lateral Lunge Deadlift LEFT side - 30 sec REST 30 sec Lateral Lunge Deadlift RIGHT side -30 sec REST 30 sec Lateral Bag Drag 30 sec REST 30 sec Alternating Rotational Lunge 30 sec REST 30 sec Bent Over Row (neutral grip) REST 30 sec 3-5 rounds

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