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  • Emily Ledford

Client Spotlight: Susan Robbins

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Susan is a 35 year young wife and working mom and has been doing my online program 5 x 20 Challenge since June 2020. She has been so consistent with this program and it shows!

Tell me a little about what you do, family, etc.

I am a government employee, currently working from home with my 2 boys. One is a virtual kindergartener, and one is a toddler. My husband is also working from home.

What made you want to do the 5 x 20 Challenge?

I saw a friend post something about it when you were advertising the program.

I wanted to do something different to shake things up. It sure has been a great way to connect with other women when we aren’t in person. I love how we can even send virtual high fives and encourage each other within the app.

What did you do for exercise prior to coming here?

I enjoyed yoga and some Pilates.

What inspires and motivates you?

Progress. It’s easy to keep going when you see it working. And what I’ve learned about Nutrition and tracking from this program has been a significant part of my results too. I pay attention to my protein but I’m still able to have the fun things that I want to eat which makes it a lot easier to keep moderation. I know it won’t do any damage. Just knowing that I can have anything I want makes it easier. I am putting time and effort into fitness and nutrition and it is working. It's manageable. The workouts are 20-30 minutes. It’s my half hour a day by myself which I really need.

It is consistently going well. It just works.

Most memorable exercise event or personal record?

My mom was visiting and said, "How many pounds are you lifting? I’ve never seen you do anything like this. I’m really impressed!"

And when I was with my dad who has always been into fitness, he saw me working out and said, “Wow! You are really working hard!”

What is the coolest side effect you've had from lifting?

I like the way I look. I don’t think I have really been satisfied with my body since before my 2-year-old was born. I feel like myself again. I can lift my 60 plus pound 5-year-old without issue. I’m wearing jeans that I wore in college. In fact, I wore them yesterday. I feel better. And God forbid I were to get sick, but I feel that I’m in a much better position to fight any illness since I am in better shape and healthier.

Favorite exercise?

I like the body saw. It looked hard at first and it was. But I was surprised that I could make progress on it. It made me proud.

What has changed in the way of issues such as self doubt, confidence or fear--not limited to the gym?

I just feel good in my own skin.

Best compliment you have received more recently?

Honestly, the fact that you are asking me to talk about my experience and success. For someone to think that I have something to offer other people-- I just would have never expected that.

And my sister is a bodybuilder. Even she was impressed with my progress. I never thought people who were experts in this area would think I have something to offer.

What would you tell other women who have never done strength training before?

I had never done strength training before, except maybe a little in high school gym class. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it. It is 20 minutes a day! Just start somewhere. If you stick with it for long enough, it kind of becomes automatic. You’ll WANT to stick with it. The amazing support system in place has really made a difference.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your story with me and everyone else! We are so inspired! If you want to find more out about the 5 x 20 Challenge, you can read more HERE.

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