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  • Emily Ledford

Strength Training is Quality of Life Training

Strength FIXES a LOT of aches and pains and makes you move better overall. Truth is that many aches and pains stem from weakness. There is absolutely NO reason to NOT strength train, even if you are injured. There is always a way to work AROUND your injury. The problem is that most people imagine they must work THROUGH pain or they simply don’t know what to do to work around an injury.

💜 Here are just a few amazing changes I’ve seen occur in my clients when strength is developed. I’ve included some of their ages:

1️⃣ Client in 40s: Shoulder pain gone after a long period of being unable to reach overhead or behind or put on a coat. Now pressing overhead pain free and able to put on her own coat.

2️⃣ Client in 40s: Ability to walk UP and DOWN the stairs normally again instead of one leg/step at a time--pain free (in less than a month of training). I’ve seen this transformation in MANY from 30s to 60s!

3️⃣ Client in 40s had persistent sciatica for over a YEAR disappeared after a heavy focus on core/glutes. After a month, a lot of relief; After 3 months, pain gone entirely.

4️⃣ Ages 30s to 60s: Daily back pain eliminated (many have this story).

5️⃣ Client in her 40s previously had hip replacement and could not get around well and had a hard time getting herself up and down stairs. Now, she is carrying heavy loads of laundry up and down the stairs like no big deal. We continue to improve on mobility and strength. Pain for many activities has gone down immensely. In her words: “a world of difference”.

6️⃣ Client in her 60s had a partial knee replacement and lost a lot of strength. She could not do a bodyweight squat without pain at first. Now, she’s able to squat with heavy dumbbells, lunge, has deadlifted nearly 200 lbs-with no pain.

7️⃣ Client in her 50s previously could not press overhead without pain so we worked around it and she’s now pressing 30 lb dumbbells overhead pain free.

8️⃣ Client in her 50s with 3 autoimmune diseases too weak to get out of bed many days —now deadlifting 200 lbs, doing chin ups and over 20 GOOD pushups from the ground.

9️⃣ Client in her 30s safely built strength back after an artificial cervical disc replacement in neck and quality of life is much improved. Able to continue dancing career!

🔟 Client in her 50s could not blow dry her hair due to lack of strength to hold the dryer op the entire time. Now, doing chin ups, pushups, and yes, of course.. Hair drying is not an issue 😊

How has strength training improved and enhanced YOUR life?

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