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  • Emily Ledford


Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If you only and forever focus on WEIGHT LOSS, you’ll never meet your full potential in strength or body composition. Notice: I said, “if you only focus”.

It’s not that weight loss can’t or won’t occur—but the scale can never have the final say in meeting strength goals, desired body composition or an improved physique. Heck, I’m saying you might even be disappointed and surprised in WHAT THE SCALE says. My clients are always shocked when the scale doesn’t go down as much as they thought it would (but their clothes size is dropping rapidly while they are getting smaller and tighter all over).

Fat loss and weight loss just don’t show up the same way.

If it is a tighter and better physique you are looking for, train for strength, eat your protein, and don’t use cardio ONLY to shape your physique. And when I say cardio, I’m not just talking about running, cycling, etc. If every strength training session is done as fast as possible, resting in between sets as little as possible, with way lighter weights than you could be using (and I'm the FIRST TO CALL THAT OUT when I'm training clients),

then it's likely just more cardio--using weights.

If you do that more than you need, it will do LITTLE to create a better physique.

You’d be shocked how your body would respond if you created more rest between sets because you ACTUALLY NEED IT because you were ACTUALLY LIFTING HEAVY ENOUGH for you.

There’s a time and a place for ALL types of training above. None of it is wrong or bad.

But, define YOUR goal and make the most of YOUR TIME to reach YOUR potential.

And remember: More is not always better. Better is better.

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