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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

NAME: Mary Litton

AGE: 40

LOCATION: Purcellville, VA

Intro from Emily: I've had the pleasure of working with "ML" (as we call her) for several months now! I call her my "famous author friend" because she has published children's books, novels, cookbooks and more! She pretends it's no big deal.. but she's one of a kind! My kids give her books two thumbs up!

What made you reach out to Emily Ledford Fitness & Nutrition?

I wanted to get stronger. I'm an active person, but as I reached 40, I knew that I wanted to do a better job of maintaining my strength and fitness and managing an old injury.

Tell me a little about what you do, family, etc.

ML lifts heavy things UP!

I'm an author of a faith-based children's series The Catacomb Mysteries and I just released my first novel. I sit in front of a screen for long periods of time which has taken it's toll on my neck, shoulders and back. And I'm also busy with two active kids, so fitting in exercise has always been challenging. I found that having two set mornings with Emily has been a great means of accountability. If I just try and fit it into my day, it inevitably gets pushed aside to tomorrow. But because I'm receiving training with Emily, I feel stronger and healthier and I find myself trying to fit more activity in my day than before.

What did you do for exercise prior to coming here?

I've always dabbled low level in lots of things. Now I'm ready to get better in all of them: running, tennis, hiking, skiing.

Favorite lift?

I definitely enjoy Monster walks or anything goofy that requires making the other ladies laugh!

Most memorable exercise event or personal record?

I'm working a lot on my core/abs. I feel like after babies that area has never been the same, and so I'm determined to be able to hold a boat pose all day every day! I'm getting stronger each week!

What inspires and motivates you?

I respond well to personal challenge and support - which is why I love Emily. She doesn't push me in a "drill sergeant" kind of way. Instead, she encourages me and then when I decide to set a personal goal, she helps me achieve it!

What has changed in the way of issues such as self doubt, confidence or fear--not limited to the gym?

I'm so much stronger with the other activities I do. This gives me a base so I can be a stronger tennis player and better skier. I also know that no matter how crazy my week is, I will work out at least twice a week. That's part of the accountability in having a set time to come to Semi-Private training class!

What is the coolest side effect you've had from lifting?

Running much further than I ever did with a couch to 5K!

What would you tell other women who have never lifted heavy before?

DO IT!!! You are so much stronger than you think! Anyone can do this!

CONNECT WITH MARY LITTON: You can connect with Mary on her website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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