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Here are 9 Mini Workouts that you can do at home!


The complete video tutorials are in the links below!

Complete one exercise after the other, in order, resting as YOU need.

Feel free to do JUST one set of each exercise.. or set a timer for 5-10 minutes and see how many sets you can get through in that time. If you are feeling extra energetic, go ahead and combine a couple of workouts!

FORM IS EVERYTHING. I’d rather you go a little slower and concentrate on form than to rush through it…always!

Workout 1 

Goblet Squat 10-15 reps

Push up 10-15 reps

Workout 2 

Plank 30 seconds

Static Lunge 10-15 per leg (hold on to something lightly such as the back of a chair for balance.

Glute bridge 15-20 (really squeeze your butt at the top position!)

Workout 3

Overhead Press 10-12

Deadbug 8-10 per side

Wall Squat up to 60 seconds


Workout 4

Alternating Chest Press 8-10 per side

Underhand Grip Lat Pull Down 10-12

Bicycle Crunch 8-10 per side

Workout 5 

Step Up 10 per leg, not alternating reps

Diamond Push UP  8-10

Workout 6 

Shoulder Half circles 8-10

Sumo squat with 3 sec pause at bottom 12-15

Single arm bent over row 8-10 per side

Workout 7

Romanian Sumo Deadlift 10-12

Renegade row 8-10 per side, alternating

Workout 8 

Reverse lunge 12-15 per leg, not alternating reps

Push Up variations (choose one) 8-10

Workout 9

Side Lunge 8-10 per side, not alternating reps

Ball to leg pass 10-15

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