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Strength Training  for Women:
Begins May 2nd

About the Program
Begins January 22


Online Strength Training Program for Women

Strong Start is a 4 week online "Intro to Strength Training"

program designed for women. The goal of this program is to help familiarize you with basic exercises so that you may have the confidence and skill to continue your strength training journey. This is perfect for anyone brand new to strength training or for anyone getting back into it after a long time away. 

We will combine movements that use bodyweight and minimal equipment. 

Time commitment will be 25-30 minutes 3 times per week beginning Monday, January 22.

The 3 workouts will repeat each week so that you can intentionally improve in each exercise in the way of more reps, more weight added, or a harder variation. This is known as progressive overload, and it is a concept I will be teaching you throughout the program, so that you get strong on purpose. It doesn't happen by accident.

Progress will be evident as you log the resistance, variations, and number of repetitions in my app each time.  You will begin to see your see your body composition improve and muscles start to develop in just 4 weeks.

It's a perfect start that will keep you coming back for more!










We will begin as a group on Monday, January 22. Workouts can be done on your own time, simply following my app's workout of the day.

All exercises include short videos with variations from beginner to advanced.

I will be leading a private Facebook group where you will be able to receive all the help and support you need, including unlimited form feedback. 

You will have access to the workouts through February 17. If you should continue with another program after this one, all data will be saved.


Increased Bone Density

Improved Body Composition (fat vs. muscle)

Muscle Gain

Fat Loss

Improvement to Overall Health

Confidence Building

Enhanced Quality of Life


  • A pair of moderate and heavy dumbbells AND/OR a wide range of resistance bands with handles such as THIS SET I RECOMMEND. If you don't have dumbbells, I'll show you how to do each exercise with these bands.

  • Stability Ball (approx. 55 cm in circumference)

  • Bench or Sturdy Step

Hi, I'm Emily and I'll be your Coach. You'll have access to me in our private community.
I'm always here to help!
A few of the amazing ladies I work with!


If you have put off starting so many times before, this is an amazing opportunity to begin. Start saying YES to you. You matter.
All the guess work is done for you.  
I invite you to show up for this.

You have support, accountability, and a chance to change your life.

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