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A 12 week intensive nutrition and fitness small group coaching program for women who want to learn how to implement strategies that will set them up
for long-term success. 
Say good-bye to fad diets and punishing workouts.
This small group will only have 12 spots available.


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"The perfect fitness program, the promise of

losing X pounds before summer..."

It all sounds fantastic, but if you've ever been left feeling defeated by a diet, it's not that you didn't try. You did. You may have given it your all. You may have had extraordinary willpower for a time. 

The fitness industry makes billions of dollars a year selling quick fixes and supplements to women desiring a final solution to weight loss. While some of these methods may work temporarily, they fail to stand the test of time.

Weight is quickly regained and this rebound effect keeps you spinning your wheels, searching for the next method or supplement or rule that claims to be different and better. 

Maybe you've heard that you just need the perfect exercise program. If you just exercised everyday, you'll get the results you want. However, you tried that too, and ended up injured, constantly sore, or just plain exhausted from the thought of doing more while following your food rules and restrictions.


Nothing has been sustainable for the long term.

Perhaps you are thinking that something is wrong with you. You blame your age, menopause, or hormones because surely it isn't this difficult for anyone else. Your energy is low; your sleep is disrupted. You feel irritable and weight management is a constant battle. You just can't get ahead.

Claudia and Emily are here to show you there is hope.

It's not another diet you need.

In this 12 week life changing nutrition and fitness program, they will help you understand WHY these things don't work long term, WHAT it is doing to your body, and WHY it isn't your lack of willpower or motivation that is the problem.



Meet Claudia


Hi, I’m Claudia.  I’m a former dental hygienist turned Precision Nutrition certified coach.  I, along with Emily, will be helping you develop habits that will set you up for long-term success.  My number one priority is to help empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help you reach your goals, while also helping you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. 


I personally understand the struggles of having a difficult relationship with food.  Once upon a time, I struggled with emotional and binge eating which led me to gain enough weight to tip me into the obese category.  I successfully lost the weight but it took decades of struggle to finally get to a place of peace with food and my body.  


I want the same for you, minus the decades of struggle.  I want you to be able to ditch the diet wagon once and for all in favor of an approach that blends in seamlessly with the life you are already living.  One that respects your individuality and adds to your life rather than takes away from it.  


I know great things are possible for you.    

Meet Emily

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Hi, I’m Emily and I am also a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and a

certified personal trainer. I will be working along with Claudia to help you with your nutrition and fitness.


I will also be writing your 12 week fitness program so that you can experience the array of benefits that strength training brings. Next to nutrition, strength training is the #1 thing that you can do to improve your body composition.


I began struggling with body image in 7th grade and by 8th grade I was skipping meals to try to lose weight. By the time I was 15, I was full blown anorexic. Eventually this led to bulimia, bingeing, over exercising and food obsession.

Through my faith in God and years of counseling, I was able to overcome these burdens that followed me for too many of my years. Sometimes I still can’t believe that through it all, I have been able to take an unhealthy obsession and turn it into something that enhances my quality of life and share that same gift with others.

I want you to experience the freedom of sustainability. No crazy rigid rules that dig up anxious feelings. I want you to be able to sprinkle it all with a little grace for yourself. After all, perfection doesn’t exist.

And it is not something we have to strive for, either. Let's have FUN with this!



Claudia and Emily will be your nutrition coaches and will guide you every step of the way to develop the skills and habits that will make your nutrition work for you and not against you. They will be teaching you fundamental skills that you can apply and practice during your coaching time together. 

Their goal is to give you the foundations you need to fuel your body so that you will feel your absolute best while improving your body composition.

You will learn to navigate real life obstacles so that you can develop the confidence towards a healthy lifestyle. You will gain an understanding of how to make long term MAINTABLE progress instead of short term results.


In Fresh Start Formula, Emily will provide you with a new fitness program every 4 weeks for the entire 12 week session. Emily will be teaching you how to implement progressive overload into your individual workouts so that you can receive the greatest results from your strength training. 

Commitment will be THREE 20-35 minute strength sessions per week to do on your own schedule. All exercises will have full video tutorials with beginner to advanced variations.


Emily recommends the following equipment but she is also able to provide you with bodyweight only workouts or substitutions if needed. 


  • Wide Variety of dumbbells (or at least one set of moderate weight and one set of heavier weight dumbbells)

  • workout bench

  • resistance bands (preferably with handles)

  • glute bands

  • suspension trainer

  • sliders

  • stability ball




In this group, you will have access to a private community of like-minded women (only 12 total) who are on the same journey as you. Claudia and Emily will be actively engaged with you as you come here anytime for questions, encouragement, and the posts will keep you empowered and informed with the tools you need to be successful.



These group coaching sessions will present a new focus with each call and they will give you individual time to share and ask questions that will be answered by your coaches, Claudia and Emily. These calls will typically last 30-45 minutes.


what this is not:

Fresh Start Formula is not another quick fix, not a diet, and not a meal plan.

You will be provided with guidelines on HOW to set up your meals but ultimately the goal is that this experience will give you the tools you need to be successful for the rest of your LIFE.

No products will be sold as they are not needed to be successful.


This is a 3 month commitment. You need to be coachable and willing to trust the process.


We know that if you put consistent effort into this program, your body and mind will transform. Patience will be key. We understand that you may be used to seeing fast progress with past quick fixes.


Remember: this is not a quick fix. Not even close. These are tools to use for LIFE to support your ability to have long term weight management, and have a better relationship with food and a healthier body image.

This may look different than anything you've done before. We are confident that if you really put yourself into this program, it will be part of your success story and you will NEVER have to diet again.

If you would like more information about the program, please fill out this info below and we will get it to you!

 Let's see if you are a good fit for the program!

Please remember that there are only 12 coaching spots available.


 #1  Emily and Claudia discuss common dangers and pitfalls of diets at this link HERE.

#2  Emily and Claudia discuss how an active lifestyle can make weight management easier (and what that entails). They also discuss gym intimidation and motivation at this link HERE. (6-16-21)

#3  Emily and Claudia on finding the middle ground in eating and
avoiding the "extreme" mentality.
at this link HERE. (6-17-21)

#4  Emily and Claudia on why moderation is a skill worth building and why it is foundational for long term success. Listen HERE. (6-21-21)

To be contacted with more details on FRESH START FORMULA and to check for a current opening (12 only),  please leave your name & email below. SIGN UP CLOSES Friday, June 25.

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