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I am so excited to bring you the start of this challenge on Monday, May 17!

Can you believe that summer is so close?!

And because nothing makes me happier than to stop wearing sleeves, I wanted a way to help you arrive feeling your absolute best this summer, too!

I'd love for you to join me as we count down til the very first day!

Summer begins June 20 this year-so there's not a lot of time left

before sun's out-guns out! 


The goal of this challenge is to complete 26 workouts in 35 days. It will be tough, but the workouts are short and sweet. And if you can't get 5 days a week of these 20 minute workouts, it's totally ok! Do what you can! 

What You Need:

You can do these workouts with dumbbells. I'd recommend at LEAST 2 sets: one heavier and one lighter. If you have barbell access, you can use that too! Additionally, band variations will be shown if you don't have dumbbells. I will also throw in a stability ball or sliders into a few workouts (but I will show substitutions if you do not have access to these!) A workout bench is helpful, but not required.

The workouts will be simple but that doesn't mean easy. That's ok though, because I give you variations for ALL exercises, beginner to advanced. 

What You Get:

  • FIVE 20 minute extremely effective workouts per week for gaining strength, burning fat and building muscle that you can do on your own time. Three main strength workouts will repeat the first 4 weeks so that you can implement progressive overload into them (I'll teach that!)

  • 2 brand new circuits each week to complement the main strength workouts and work on your cardiovascular conditioning.                                    

  • Week 5 brings a fun strength test to see how strong you've gotten!

  • Access to a private community of women to ask questions and lift each other up!

  • Ability to log workouts within the app and see your personal bests, and earn badges, too!

  • Support and accountability from me as your trainer

  • Weekly Check In emails from me.

  • Form checks available upon request by video.


How Much?

This program is a one-time purchase of $68.

You will have access to the program beginning May 17, the day it begins.

The last day of the program is June 20. After the program ends, you will no longer have access to the program, so I do include directions to print workouts for future use.

Since this is a group training program, you are encouraged to keep pace with the group.

Let's get ready to do this!!

Any questions? Email me at





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