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NOVEMBER 1st-30th

Entering the busy season with enough focus and accountability to make progress possible 



I know what it is like to try EVERYTHING to achieve fat loss, only to be disappointed with little to no progress...or progress that doesn't last.

I spent many years on and off diets and exercise plans that were time consuming, restrictive, and left me with little energy for making it through each day. I was hungry all of the time and I felt like something was wrong with me when I couldn't adhere to all of the rules for any length of time.

In fact, many times these efforts led to binge eating and a spiral down into depression.

I exhausted countless hours with a heavy focus on burning calories through exercise.

These attempts only depleted me physically, mentally and emotionally, giving me a unhealthy body image and a damaging relationship with food that took me years and a lot of hard work to undo.

I don't wish that on anyone and I know a lot of women struggle just like I did.

You were made for more than spending your life dieting and obsessing over exercise.  I'd love to walk with you on your journey to feeling successful so that you don't have to waste the time and energy that I did.

If you are serious about taking action on your fitness AND nutrition to help maintain a healthy body composition, build strength, and add lean muscle--and most importantly stop the dieting cycle once and for all-- this 30 Day Challenge is for you.

In this 30 Day Challenge, we will combine nutrition and fitness to

enhance your life..not take away from it.


Many of us (myself included in the past) have tried too hard and ended up with an unhealthy relationship with food. We try to follow rules set by ourselves or the latest trends.

It feels like everything is restricted.

We make it far more complicated than it has to be.

Most of it backfires when we can't give 100% to this lifestyle anymore.

The bigger the restriction, the bigger the rebound. And that's how it cycles.

Improving that relationship is such a huge piece of the puzzle.

We will emphasize practicing the basics which are the foundation of sustainable results.

While basics don't sound too exciting, this is often the missing link for people who are unable to maintain their progress from dieting and other extreme measures. You will continue spinning your wheels if you don't work to build a strong foundation of habits to support your goals and build a better relationship with food. 

Most people KNOW what good nutrition habits are, but implementing them without a coach or like-minded individuals can be tough.

We will work together to get into routines that will help you to be successful in the long term. 

These include:

  • Being prepared with meal planning, grocery shopping, protein prep

  • Finding foods that you enjoy and make you feel your best as well as satisfied.

  • Using meal templates to help you choose foods to meet your daily requirements.

  • And so much more!


With Equipment OR Bodyweight ONLY

Study after study reinforces that there is no alternative form of exercise that provides such a wide array of benefits as strength training. 

To go alongside your nutrition support, your 4 week strength training program will take your body composition goals to the next level.

Getting stronger, adding lean muscle and improving body composition do not come with random workouts. This program is planned out for you and I will be teaching you the basics of progressive overload so that you will understand the whys, whats, and hows of strength training.

Your time will not be wasted doing too much of this and not enough of that. My app delivered strength training program will provide everything that you need, including variations to meet you where you are at. It will be exciting to log your progress and see how much stronger you are able to get over the course of our 4 weeks together. I'm even available to do form checks in our private group.




For the program using gym equipment, you will need access to:

  • a wide variety of dumbbells and/or resistance bands with handles

  • a sturdy bench

  • 2-3 glute bands 

  • suspension trainer 

  • fitness sliders (or furniture sliders)

  • stability ball

If you have at least MOST of these items but want to join us at the time we begin, please reach out and let me know what you DO have. I may be able to customize your program further to make substitutions for you.

Commitment will be THREE 30-45-minute strength training sessions and an *optional* 20-30 minute session. All workouts will be on a calendar within my app, but can be done anytime of day.

I know that if you put consistent effort into this program, your body will begin to transform during this coaching period.


We will meet virtually as a group two times during our month together for approximately 30-50 minutes. If you cannot attend these live meetings, you are welcome to submit your questions ahead of time and you will be provided a recording.

These coaching sessions will help us keep focus and give you individual time to share and ask questions that may come up. You will be encouraged to check in daily with me and the rest of our group in our private Facebook community.


This is NOT another quick fix and not a meal plan.

I will provide guidelines on HOW to set up your meals (and ideas), but ultimately this experience will give you the tools you need to be successful for the rest of your LIFE. I will not be selling any products because they are not necessary to achieve your goals.

If you’d like more information, please reach out to me by email at to get a conversation started. I will soon be scheduling 15 minute virtual calls to discuss more about your goals but only if you are READY and SERIOUS about CHANGING your life.

Let's see if you are a good fit for this program! I would love to see you thrive with confidence from this 30 days together and beyond!


"I am learning now that it is ok to eat the foods I enjoy, but there’s another huge part that I’ve got to make sure that I am also doing-and that is feeding myself the things that I need first.
I am working on making sure that I am getting enough protein and getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables each day. I’m looking at it as what I need to eat and not what I don’t need to eat. This has been a hard shift, but it really is freeing to think this way. I am going to keep moving forward and I look forward to where I will be at the end of this challenge and beyond. Thank you, Emily, for your encouragement and for giving me a new perspective".

"Emily, thank you for this challenge! 
I needed the discipline and accountability to kick me into getting back on track."

"I have tried so many things with strength training and I know what is sustainable for me. The group commitment is key for me." 

"Will you be continuing this Challenge?
I don’t want to lose momentum.  I really like that we repeat the workouts for four weeks so I can build strength.  I also like that in every workout we do both upper and lower body.  
The four workouts per week with variation on the bonus is a
doable commitment to see results."  

"I can see the change very easily. My husband is also constantly telling me too.  :) "

"Week 1 complete!  Quick summary of how it ended:

Down 2 lbs (I'm sure water weight, but I feel "cleaner" inside, so I'll take it)

LOVE working out again after a 4 month hiatus.  I'll admit I was a little sore for the 1st 3 days (I know, I'm out of shape....!!!!) Overall, feeling better, cleaner, "tighter" (my muscles know they are once again working!), and more optimistic that I can get to where I want to be.


"Overall my weight and body composition are responding. I am eating according to macros.  Overall my body is tightening and my tummy is getting flatter.
I want to gain strength and lose fat which I feel is happening."

"It’s been difficult, just getting out of my mental block. I finally did my first workout yesterday and was amazed at how far I had fallen. I couldn't believe how much it hurt to do a side plank. But it got easier with each set. I also discovered how much weaker one side of my body is - just more pronounced than ever before.

I knew I had slipped very far with the pandemic but the fact that I couldn't even start a workout, is really telling. I am glad I joined this program.

I've put on close to 30 lbs in the last 2 years."

"This format of strength training is really working for me.  
I think because it is a  group setting.
(I don’t want to let anyone down or be a slacker), at home and very structured.  
It is something I look forward to and enjoy."

"I suffer from depression and anxiety and just exercising again has helped tremendously with my mental health. I knew it would but I needed a challenge like this to get motivated."

Choose Your Challenge:

If you are already fitness coaching with Emily in-person or online, you have the option to purchase the nutrition ONLY portion of the challenge .
You will get the most out of this Challenge if you are being coached in one of her fitness training programs or the 30 Day Fitness Program 
(with equipment or bodyweight only). 
All group Nutrition Coaching will be given in a private Facebook community setting.


Check your email for more info!

(Check your spam folder- just in case)

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