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Sign Up CLOSES Sunday Night, August 28, 11:59pm.


12 weeks To

Increase Strength + IMPROVE Physique

We begin Monday, August 29!
Stay on pace with the group, but complete these workouts at any time of day you choose!

#Back2Fitness includes 4 workouts each week, all 30 minutes or less, designed to increase your strength while improving your body composition. 

This 12 week group coaching program is for anyone who wants to get back into fitness and see results without spending hours

in the gym.

I will be active within this online community, supporting and encouraging

you the entire time.

We will begin the program together on Monday, August  29, but you may complete the workouts on your own time. Simply follow the workouts on the calendar provided in my app.

Every 4 weeks, you'll receive 3 brand new primary strength training workouts to keep you progressing PLUS a unique BONUS workout each week that will focus more on cardio conditioning. This program has you covered!

If you don’t mind looking like you lift weights, gaining strength, and developing lean curves, this program is for you!

#Back2Fitness is delivered via my fitness app, printable, and contains full exercise tutorials for each exercise, including variations for the beginner to advanced. That means anyone can do this program!


#Back2Fitness will also give you access to a private Facebook group that will keep you highly engaged for the full 12 weeks!


Upon purchase, you’ll be sent an email to download the app where all of your workouts will be provided beginning August 29. I recommend opening this email from your phone so that you can download the app quickly. You will also be sent an email inviting you to our private Facebook community.

48 TOTAL workout sessions in the 12 week period 

9 moderate to heavy strength training workouts

12 unique metabolic conditioning workouts

Tips on what to do on your non-weight training days

Video walk throughs for Every Exercise

#Back2Fitness contains over 60 weight training exercises, all with variations from beginner to advanced.



12-week Calendar

#Back2Fitness contains 12 weeks of workouts outlined on the app’s calendar so that you can easily follow along. You’ll know exactly what to do each day! 


Community+ Accountability

We are always better together! And that's why you'll be invited to join in on the discussion and accountability of our private Facebook group. It's also a great place to get any questions answered, get a form check, receive support and encouragement and give the same!

Trainer Led!

You'll never be on your own! I'll be sending you encouraging high-fives and confetti rain as you achieve personal bests and earn badges throughout the program! I'll also be leading encouraging you through informative discussions in our Facebook group. I'm in it to see you succeed!

Basic Nutrition Principles

While this is NOT Nutrition Coaching (a separate service I offer), I will be providing Basic Nutrition Principles to our private community that will help kickstart your results even more. It won't feel like a diet!

More Is Not Better. Better is Better.

I know what it is like to put in effort and never see change. I used to be one of those women. I’d work myself to exhaustion 7 days a week and have nothing left to give outside of my training sessions.


But when I changed my workouts to use my time and energy more efficiently, everything changed.

My compliance was better. My physique got leaner and more defined. And for once, I enjoyed my workouts.

I want you to develop that healthy relationship with exercise, too. And reap the benefits of everything this program has to offer!

Over the past 9 years, I've shared these time and energy efficient methods of training to my clients, both in person and online. We've been able to make exercise enjoyable and sustainable which is key for consistency and seeing results.

We Begin Monday, August 29!

Upon Purchase:

Upon purchase, you’ll be sent an email to download the app where all of your workouts and tutorials will be. I recommend opening this email from your phone so that you can download the app quickly.

You will also be sent an email inviting you to our private Facebook group.


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What equipment do I need?

To get the best results from this program,

I do recommend at least a few items


a moderate pair of dumbbells & a heavier pair of dumbbells*

*You can use a loaded duffel bag or backpack if you don't have dumbbells. I will also include videos on how to use resistance bands in place of dumbbells.

glute bands, stability ball, adjustable sturdy bench

(subs provided if you don't have a bench)

If you have a larger variety of dumbbells or resistance bands, that's even better! Got a barbell?

You can choose to implement that, too!

What format do the workouts come in?

The workouts are delivered from my fitness app and you will be able to access each workout from the calendar within the app. All exercises within your workout will have video walkthroughs.

Am I fit enough?

These workouts can be scaled from beginner to advanced!

I always provide variations in my videos for all different levels. And, if you need an alternate exercise, just ask in our Facebook group where I will reply!

What if I miss a workout or can’t do every day?

Life happens! It's best to stay on track with the workout of the day instead of trying to make workouts up. But if you need to miss a day, just pick right back up!

How long will I have access to these workouts?

You will have access to the program for the entire 12 weeks. And they will be printable from day 1 of the program. After the 12 weeks is up, the app will deactivate but if you choose to continue with another program in the future,

all stats will be saved!

What if I am doing another program?

This is a stand-alone program and I recommend NOT adding anything else to this program.

That could interfere with your progress. 

Can I get a form check?

Absolutely. You can always post a video of you doing an exercise in the private Facebook group and I'll give you tips on how to make it even better (or suggest an alternate exercise).

Sign up Closes
Sunday, August 28 11:59 pm EDT

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DISCLAIMER:These workouts are voluntary and you follow them at your own risk. It is always best to ask a physician before starting any workout program, especially if you are at a higher risk for injury or illness. Emily Ledford Fitness & Nutrition assume no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.


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