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I help women mainly in their 40s and up to get strong, fit, and improve their nutrition and overall relationship with food through evidence-based methods. My goal is for every woman to experience their potential in strength and fitness and to be confident in their own skin. I coach both in-person AND online.

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle should add to your life, not take away from it.

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Emily is a wife, mom, personal trainer and nutrition coach located in the

Purcellville, Virginia area.

She is one of only two Level II Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructors in Loudoun County. She is also a Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach.


After struggling with eating disorders and body image in earlier years, Emily became fed up with conforming to what society said women should be. 
She have taken a former obsession with nutrition and fitness and, by her faith in God, turned it into something that has yielded more confidence and grace for herself and others. 

She desires to build women's confidence and she'll be your biggest fan!



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