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When does Back To Fitness begin?

We begin together on Monday, August 29, and it will last 12 weeks. The program is delivered from my app, so you can complete the workouts at any time of day you choose. The EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS THIS MONDAY, August 22. It's too good to miss!

What equipment do I need?

To get the best results from this program, AT MINIMUM:

  • A Moderate pair of dumbbells & a heavier pair of dumbbells

OR instead of dumbbells, you can use resistance bands (I’ll show you how!)

  • Glute Bands (2-3 different levels ideal)

  • Stability Ball (i.e. large yoga ball)

  • Adjustable Sturdy Bench (If you do not have a bench, I provide substitute exercises)

This is the minimum recommended equipment.

​What format do the workouts come in?

The workouts are delivered from my easy-to-use fitness app, and you will be able to access each workout from the calendar within the app.

​Am I fit enough and how much time can I expect to spend?

Each exercise will have video tutorials and variations beginner to advanced. If you need an alternate exercise, just ask in our Facebook group where I will reply! Back to Fitness is for anyone who wants to increase strength, improve body composition in 3 workouts per week, all 30 minutes or less. There is also a 4th Bonus and completely optional workout each week for those who want more.

What if I miss a workout or can’t do every day?

Life happens! It's best to stay on track with the workout of the day instead of trying to make workouts up. But if you need to miss a day, just pick right back up with the current workout! Consistency is always better than trying to do things perfectly.

​What if I am doing another program?

This is a stand-alone program and I recommend NOT adding another strength training program as it could interfere with your progress. I have designed it to be all that you need. However, if you have questions about how you might keep in a cardio activity that you love (running, etc) just ask me and I will offer tips on how to do that.

Will I get support and what if I need a form check?

You will have as much support as you need. You can post your questions in our private group and you can send in a video if you need a form check. I'm always happy to provide cues on how to make an exercise even better (or suggest an alternate that may be better suited for you). I will be active in the community daily and am here to answer any of your questions that come up during the course of the program.

I still have more questions.

You can see more details at the link HERE, or you can reply to this email to ask me anything.

If you'd feel more comfortable to schedule a free 15-minute zoom call to discuss, let's make that happen! Email me at Info@EmilyLedfordFitness.com

Remember: The Early Bird Special ENDS this Monday, August 22. After that, the price goes up. More details and sign up is HERE.

Don't wait for the perfect time to start! This is about fitting fitness into your life-not taking away from it :)

Let's do this!



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