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HOW TRAINING GOES DOWN (FOR REAL) at Emily Ledford Fitness & Nutrition- A Look Inside!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I’m always getting questions around town about how we train here, so I thought I’d write it down this time!

I am the only trainer in my studio. Small business, much? I’d say! But wow, do I have the best “job” ever! I could write pages upon pages to tell how God has blessed me in doing what I love here, but you’d be here longer than you wanted. So that’ll be another post. 😊

While I do personal and couples training, my MOST popular type of class is the 2 DAY PER WEEK Women’s Semi-Private consisting of 4 ladies in each. I also have a few clients that train 3 days a week in this setting. I offer these classes daily before the sun comes up until late morning or early afternoon. Why only those hours and not evenings and weekends? Well, that just works for my family and provides the time I need to work on plans for each individual since every program is customized. It also allows me to work the online nutrition and fitness coaching side of my business. And hey, I have a gym to clean from a lot of classes! All of this is a lot of work for a one-gal show! ;)

I want to know each of my clients as an individual. I want to hear about their families, life, job, goals, and current happenings. Because each group is small, we develop relationships and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone looks forward to seeing their buddies each time and they always notice and ask when someone is out that day. I’ve watched so many friendships develop and I've seen God do so many amazing things behind the scenes! We have many moments of laughter thrown in during class! In fact, we seem to do that a lot!

In training, I challenge each person, but I will not do it in a harsh way. There are no failures here. Sure, I want to see you push yourself, but I also know there are days that you just can’t. Maybe there was a fight with your child or spouse right before you came in. Maybe you were up with the kids all night. You tweaked your back putting on shoes the other day. Or you're fighting that battle that no one else knows about and it’s taking everything in you to just show up. I’ve been there.

You see, I believe fitness shouldn’t be rooted in fear or self-loathing or punishment. You need not fear judgment, failure or being made to do more than your body can handle at that point in time. Those feelings make getting to your goals dreadful and overwhelming. If you knew you'd get beat up every time you went to the gym, how long would that last? How many beatings before your body crashed, got injured and had a major setback? Could you do that forever? I don’t know about you, but that would make me hate exercise and that is the opposite of what I want for my clients to experience. I would much rather help make your work sustainable so that you’ll be able to rock consistency. Only then will your results stick around. Sure, there will be times to push to the limits. There will be times to back off. Both are OK.

So, results? Can they be achieved in an environment like this? Well yes, AND they are. Countless women have gotten their first pull up EVER! Mamas are feeling stronger postpartum and learning appropriate exercises that won't hinder their healing from 9 months of pregnancy and beyond. They discover that they can get back to where they want to be but they also have a new understanding that problems can develop postpartum if they do too much too soon.

I’ve trained women whose doctors have told them that their only option to get rid of pain was surgery. For MANY, that pain has been eliminated COMPLETELY with strength training. They are doing things they thought they would never do again! Often, it is simply a strength issue.

I've had clients start training after receiving doc’s approval post-surgery or with minor setbacks from old injuries. We find pain free movement that still increases their strength and fitness level. Some are even coming here in conjunction with physical therapy. Smart training finds a way to work around injuries.

Another one of my favorite things: Many start here with low self esteem or just focused on making themselves smaller. But what they gain is so much more. I see them with a new self confidence while losing the negative talk about their bodies. They feel powerful and capable for the first time that goes way beyond the physical! Their focus shifts on getting stronger week after week and they begin to shine a new light from the inside-out! That is one of my favorite transformations to watch!

And most important to ensure physical progress here? Well, let’s just say that your exercises are not given to you with your entertainment in mind. Ha! You won't like some of them. They won’t cause you pain, but they will cause you discomfort. And you’ll recognize the difference. You won’t have random exercises when you come in each time just to “switch it up”. There are other classes out there that will be more "entertaining" with random workouts that produce random results. Yep, I said it. But if you come here for results, then we are going to shoot straight for results. I’ll have you stick to certain exercises for a few sessions at a time so that we can have a source of measurable progress and achieve the goals that you came here for in the first place. I'll watch, guide and make sure your form is on point so that you aren't just going through the motions. You’ll stick with specific exercises long enough to adapt, but not so long that you stop adapting. You will log your workouts to watch how you improve week to week. That is crucial for results and it shows me know exactly what you need next! Though muscle confusion sounds fun, it's a myth. So whether your goal is to get stronger, lose fat, feel better, get your first pull up, or deadlift a Buick, 😉 we will do it safely and ON PURPOSE. You will use your own bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, barbells, suspension trainers and more! And don't forget- there are plenty of smiles, laughs and encouragement along the way. It makes the work a whole heck of a lot easier with friends and Yours Truly encouraging you along the way. We all have your back!

I believe exercise should ALWAYS give you more than it takes out of you. It needs to meet you where you are at RIGHT NOW. And wherever that is, it’s OK. That’s the beauty of it all! That's all I got folks. Anything else, you know where to find me! Check out the current progress below from humans just like you (who didn't beat themselves to a pulp to get it done!) XOXO

Emily Ledford Fitness & Nutrition Clients

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